We are happy to finally announce the release date of our first album Surrender Or Die! It will be released on September 11 2020.
It can be preodered via our webshop.

Recording: Rafael Salzmann
Mixing and Mastering: Christian Donaldson – www.thegridproductions.ca
Desing and Layout: Patrick Wittstock – www.azraeldesign.de
Photography: Daniel Spycher – fotografie-thun.ch

Total Duration: 69min 25sec


  1. 47°30’18″N 8°51’52″E
  2. A Cursed Ship’s Tale
  3. Quest For Booze
  4. Into The Storm
  5. Surrender Or Die
  6. Invisible Pineapples
  7. Kraken’s Chest
  8. Paul The Parrot
  9. Jack Rackham
  10. Kicking Flamingos
  11. Davy Jones’ Locker
  12. Tentacle Explosion
  13. Loyal To None But Rum
  14. The Legend Of Liquor Island
  15. The Feast Of Emerald Meadows
  16. The Undying Sailor