While we were in the recording studio, Manuela Eberhard filmed this great making of video. Of course, we speak Swiss-German. But for all who can’t understand this gibberish, we made some English subtitles.


We are heading to the Met-Bar in Lenzburg again to party and drink with you and Nidhoeggr on February 6th 2021! So get your ticket via Eventfrog and join the feast!


The day we’ve all waited so long is finally here! Our debut album SURRENDER OR DIE is out!
Order it now here in our webshop. We ship worldwide.


Aufgrund der neuen Massnahmen im Kanton Zürich sind wir leider gezwungen, die maximale Besucherzahl auf 80 zu beschränken. Wir empfehlen daher, euer Ticket im Vorverkauf bei Eventfrog zu bestellen, da es voraussichtlich keine Abendkasse geben wird.
Zudem können CRUSADE OF BARDS wegen den Quarantänebestimmungen, die für Spanien gelten, nicht an der Show teilnehmen. Als Ersatz konnten unsere Freunde von DOCTOR DETOX gewonnen werden, die den Abend eröffnen werden. Ein pünktliches Erscheinen lohnt sich!
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Due to the new regulations in the canton of Zurich, we are unfortunately forced to limit the maximum number of visitors to 80. We therefore recommend ordering your ticket in advance via Eventfrog, as there will probably be no box office.
Furthermore, CRUSADE OF BARDS cannot participate in the show due to the quarantine regulations that apply for Spain. As a replacement we could win our friends from DOCTOR DETOX who will open the evening. An appearance on time is worth it!
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We released our second music video SURRENDER OR DIE of our debut album with the same name. The release of the album is on september 11th.

Watch it on YouTube

The first music video to the song INVISIBLE PINEAPPLES from the upcoming debut album SURRENDER OR DIE is now on youtube!

Watch it on YouTube


Da einige Kantone die Massnahmen wieder verschärft haben, bereiten auch wir uns auf so einen Fall vor. Aktuell kann die Release Show vom 19.09.2020 ohne grössere Einschränkungen stattfinden. Falls nun aber der Kanton Zürich die Auflagen verschärft, werden wir uns danach richten müssen. Bei einer Begrenzung der Grösse von Veranstaltungen wird der Einlass anhand der Reihenfolge der Ticket Bestellungen beschränkt. Je eher ihr also euer Ticket kauft, umso mehr ist euch ein Platz in der Kantine gesichert.
Falls wir den Event komplett absagen müssten, würdet ihr selbstverständlich denn vollen Ticketpreis zurückerhalten.
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Since some cantons have tightened up the measures again, we are also preparing for such a case. Currently, the release show on the 19th September can take place without major restrictions. But if the canton of Zurich tightens the regulations, we will have to comply with them. If the size of events is limited, admission will be restricted according to the order of ticket orders. So the sooner you buy your ticket, the more an entrance in the Kantine is guaranteed.
If we had to cancel the event completely, you would of course get a full refund.
Tickets are available on eventfrog.ch

📷: Kay Brem

The trasure hunt begins on September 11th!
We’ve buried a chest with some special goods of the band somewhere. To find this treasure, you must take a close look into our debut album SURRENDER OR DIE! Otherwise you don’t know where to dig.
Preorder now!

Soon the time has come to release our first album called SURRENDER OR DIE! This will be toasted and celebrated with lots of beer and three more bands from Switzerland and Spain!

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The band cleverly manages to combine hard death metal with catchy keyboard melodies. With their multi-faceted sound the band manages to captivate the audience with dark works, but at the same time they are also able to heat up the atmosphere with party songs. Nidhoeggr also emphasizes variety in their lyrics. From lyrics that let you dive into the time of the Vikings to socially critical compositions, everything can be expected from the band. With their way of making music, Nidhoeggr succeeds in perfectly fusing past and present.

Crusade of Bards
Crusade of Bards is a symphonic metal band born with the aim of mixing classical and folk sounds with the power and harshness of modern heavy metal, bringing a unique identity to life.
The strong visual and thematic aspects of the band melt a steampunk vibe together with the outstanding imagery of the XVIII century buccaneers. The lyrics and melodies portray stories, legends, myths and tales happening around the seven seas following the traditional manners of travelling storytellers.
Despite having launched only few tunes, Crusade of Bards had the chance to already tour thoroughly in Spain, France and Switzerland.
With the release of their first full-length album “Tales of Bards & Beasts” out November 15th via the German label Pride&Joy Music the band is ready to show the world all the power and strength of its art both scenically and musically.

The 4-piece band from the Winterthur area mixes various elements of the harder sound art. They use Death and Grind, among others, with slammy passages and a good portion of groove.

We are happy to finally announce the release date of our first album Surrender Or Die! It will be released on September 11 2020.
It can be preodered via our webshop.

Recording: Rafael Salzmann
Mixing and Mastering: Christian Donaldson – www.thegridproductions.ca
Desing and Layout: Patrick Wittstock – www.azraeldesign.de
Photography: Daniel Spycher – fotografie-thun.ch

Total Duration: 69min 25sec


  1. 47°30’18″N 8°51’52″E
  2. A Cursed Ship’s Tale
  3. Quest For Booze
  4. Into The Storm
  5. Surrender Or Die
  6. Invisible Pineapples
  7. Kraken’s Chest
  8. Paul The Parrot
  9. Jack Rackham
  10. Kicking Flamingos
  11. Davy Jones’ Locker
  12. Tentacle Explosion
  13. Loyal To None But Rum
  14. The Legend Of Liquor Island
  15. The Feast Of Emerald Meadows
  16. The Undying Sailor