Calarook searches someone new for the violin! Optional Viola!
Unfortunately, Lukas Mischler informed us, that he wants to have more focus on his studies and his job. Therefore, he decided to leave Calarook latest until the end of 2020.
Because of this, we are looking for someone who joins our crew and boards the stages with us!
We practice twice a week in Elgg. Demo Songs can be found on our YouTube Channel. Our debut album is in the final phase. Of course, we want to play this live for the folks!
If you think you would fit, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are very proud to announce our newest member aboard! Let us all welcome Flavio Pompeo to the crew! He will from now on shred those tasty lines and riffs on his Bass for our epic cause!

Ahoy dear crew

We are very proud to announce our very first album. It will be released in the first months of 2020.
It will be named Surrender Or Die.


  1. 47°30’18″N 8°51’52″E
  2. A Cursed Ship’s Tale
  3. Quest For Booze
  4. Into The Storm
  5. Surrender Or Die
  6. Invisible Pineapples
  7. Kraken’s Chest
  8. Paul The Parrot
  9. Jack Rackham
  10. Kicking Flamingos
  11. Davy Jones’ Locker
  12. Tentacle Explosion
  13. Loyal To None But Rum
  14. The Legend Of Liquor Island
  15. The Feast Of Emerald Meadows
  16. The Undying Sailor