Soon the time has come to release our first album called SURRENDER OR DIE! This will be toasted and celebrated with lots of beer and three more bands from Switzerland and Spain!

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The band cleverly manages to combine hard death metal with catchy keyboard melodies. With their multi-faceted sound the band manages to captivate the audience with dark works, but at the same time they are also able to heat up the atmosphere with party songs. Nidhoeggr also emphasizes variety in their lyrics. From lyrics that let you dive into the time of the Vikings to socially critical compositions, everything can be expected from the band. With their way of making music, Nidhoeggr succeeds in perfectly fusing past and present.

Crusade of Bards
Crusade of Bards is a symphonic metal band born with the aim of mixing classical and folk sounds with the power and harshness of modern heavy metal, bringing a unique identity to life.
The strong visual and thematic aspects of the band melt a steampunk vibe together with the outstanding imagery of the XVIII century buccaneers. The lyrics and melodies portray stories, legends, myths and tales happening around the seven seas following the traditional manners of travelling storytellers.
Despite having launched only few tunes, Crusade of Bards had the chance to already tour thoroughly in Spain, France and Switzerland.
With the release of their first full-length album “Tales of Bards & Beasts” out November 15th via the German label Pride&Joy Music the band is ready to show the world all the power and strength of its art both scenically and musically.

The 4-piece band from the Winterthur area mixes various elements of the harder sound art. They use Death and Grind, among others, with slammy passages and a good portion of groove.